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Specialist Fingerguards for Heavy Duty use and Weather Proof Fingerguards for Exterior Doors and Gates

Finger Entrapment Facts


U.K. (under the age of 15)

  • 30,000 trap their fingers every year
  • 1,500 a year needing some form of surgery
  • Several finger amputations every year


U.S. (under the age of 17)

  • 1 injury every 4 minutes
  • 76,306 pinch injuries a year
  • 41.6% happens to children under the age of 4
  • 25.2% of them suffer from lacerations

A closing door can exert a massive amount of pressure on fingers or hands trapped in the hinge gap. Anyone, at any time, could suffer a finger entrapment accident in a door lacking a finger guard.


Our finger protection products make buildings safer for occupants by preventing painful and serious finger entrapment accidents.


We aim to improve door safety in schools, nurseries, public buildings, offices, factories, cafes, restaurants, shops and other buildings with general public access.

We would be delighted to help and advise on your selection of suitable, durable finger protection to ensure that your doors are finger-safe.

We offer a range of the safest finger protectors for doors and gates available, designed to eliminate the risk of finger trapping in both the handle and the hinge side of internal and external doors and gates.


Finger trapping risks are increasingly being targeted in Health and Safety inspections: schools and businesses are expected to assess the risks and install finger guards to doors as appropriate. For example, it may be appropriate to fit guards to entrances, toilet doors, storage cupboards and exterior gates as well as the more obvious classroom and corridor doors.


Our comprehensive range of door guards covers most door materials and types, including fire doors and manual or automated operating doors in timber, metal and uPVC, with opening angles of up to 180 degrees. Some of the range is available with anti-bacterial coating, suitable for use in hospitals etc. We also offer specific RAL colour coding in some of the range.


All of our finger guards are full length, offering full protection against fingers entering the dangerous space along the hinged side of doors.


All of our finger guards are simple to install – only basic DIY skills needed.


Fitting guidelines are either provided with the guard or are readily available online.


These devices are installed by many high street ‘names’, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and healthcare buildings worldwide.