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Hi. I'm here to help you select the best finger guard for your needs.
We have guards in various styles, colours, materials and price ranges.
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Kids will be kids and finger trapping accidents in doors will happen sooner or later.

'Fingers crossed' isn't a reliable long term door safety policy so .... what to do?

Well, you can tell 'em about the risks ten times over or you can fit finger guards once.

We supply a range of competitively priced finger guards in various styles, colour options and price ranges and we hope the way we have laid out this website helps you to pick the best match for your specific needs.

Samples of materials and colours are available on request and several of the guards can be manufactured to RAL colours (subject to batch size) for exact matching.


Phone Orders taken hereFinger guards can be ordered online or by phone, fax, email and post.
Phone 01329 841 416 : email
Please note that we only supply to UK addresses.


The guards in our range require only basic DIY skills to fit and any competent handyman should find fitting them childs play.

The other type of finger guard, which we do not stock, could be useful here.


Don't let the finger of blame point at you - fit finger guards to dangerous doors

Finger Keeper Classic -  Budget priced with a good colour range Rear Hinge Guards Industrial / Commercial / Heavy Duty Guards - Std. Wide and Long versions. Woodgrain finishes a speciality with Finger Guardian Top of the range guard for automated or manual doors Well made guard for automatic and manual doors A tough, budget priced, transparent finger guard. All aluminium guard -  wide body style ideal for adding self adhesive signs.