Window Restrictors

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A lockable window restrictor – Fits uPVC, aluminium, timber and metal profiles.

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A lockable window restrictor allows the benefits of  natural ventilation while avoiding safety and security risks to  children.

The locked restrictor limits window opening to under 100mm but the window can be fully opened by unlocking the restrictor cable.  (Full window opening may be required for windows designated as escape routes in an evacuation plan).


This window restrictor can withstand forces of over 100kg (980Nm) compared to the industry standard of 50kg.


Tested to EN 13126-5 : 2011 + A1 : 2014


It fits many types of window and door frame including uPVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles.


Available in White or Brown finishes.



The Window restrictors should only be able to be disengaged using a special tool or key.

The locking system and key are resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Window restrictor kit includes all fittings:

4 x Self-drilling screws
1 x Steel cable,
1 x Locking system with plastic cover
1 x Key.
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Brown, White