Fingerguard Industrial TPV

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Fingerguard Industrial TPV

Designed for heavy duty indoor or outdoor use.

Suitable for timber or metal butt hinged or centre pivot doors up to 120 degree opening angle.

In Black or White with additional guard length and width options in Black colour.


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Fingerguard Industrial TPV

Slim, robust door finger guard designed for industrial, retail, commercial and similar environments that would benefit from a heavy duty door finger protector.

Available in Black or White TPV ( ThermoPlastic Vulcanizate ) : a polymer based on EPDM rubber with  increased  tear resistance. Tested to BS8613:2017 Finger Protection for Pedestrian Doors.

TVP is a tough, flexible, ozone and chemical resisting material suitable for use in demanding industrial or commercial working environments – including outdoor applications.

A single guard is used for doors with a 120 degree opening angle: two guards are required for centre pivot applications (see illustrations).

Can be fitted to Timber or Metal doors of a least 35mm thickness.

Standard dimension protectors (2100mm x 157mm) are available in Black or White TPV.

A longer version (2500mm) and a wider version (257mm) are available in Black .

The TVP finger protection material is located in anodised satin aluminium carriers that screw to the door/frame: fixing screws are supplied.

Cover strips, matched to the guard colour, are provided to conceal the fitting screws.

As the door is closed the safety strip prevents fingers being jammed by pushing them outwards and away from the covered hinge gap.

Can be cut to any required length using standard hand tools and units can be butt jointed to fit doorways taller than the 2100mm standard length supplied.

Finger Keeper Industrial TPV diagram


Standard Guard dimensions are illustrated below.




  • Longer version, 2500mm instead of standard 2100mm; all other dimensions and materials as Standard type.
  • Wider version, suited to some automated gates, with 257mm guard material width instead of standard 157mm; all other dimensions as Standard type.

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Black guard, White guard, Brown guard


2100mm, 2500mm


157mm, 257mm