Which Finger Guard is the one for me?

All of the finger guards we stock offer the same levels of protection against accidental finger trapping – what varies is the setting and its requirements. Prices quoted are ex VAT.

Manual or Automatic Doors
Standard and Heavy Duty Doors
Glass Doors
Colours and Woodgrain
Exterior Doors
Front and Rear

Budget Priced Guards for Interior Doors


For standard opening interior doors subject to typical levels of traffic Fingerguard Classic is a popular choice based on price, quality and colour options, including wood effect finishes. Matching rear guard version available. From £11.95


On a tight budget?  The Fingerguard Elite model represents excellent value for money. Full length design to suit standard UK door dimensions. Available in Brown or White from stock with other versions to order. From £9.49.

Finger Guardian (Front) White

Finger Guardian, fits a wide range of door types including centre pivot doors. Supplied in a range of colours and realistic woodgrain finishes. Exact colour match front and back versions available for total coverage of door hinge gaps.From £14.95.

Clear finger guard

Inexpensive and unobtrusive the Clear Finger Guard blends with the decor. Made of a strong, clear non-brittle polymer. Self-adhesive for a quick and easy fit (can be reinforced with screws). Standard door height. Clearly a bargain at £11.45

Specialist Range Finger Guard

A good all rounder for industrial and commercial premises is the mid-price ranged Fingerguard Industrial in EPDM rubber and Aluminium. It is compact, versatile and hard wearing. In black EPDM rubber and white or brown PVC guard colours.

There is also a longer version and a wider version of the EPDM guard. The wide version has proved popular for use with powered gates.


Another versatile guard for industrial and commercial premises is  Fingerguard Industrial TPV. 

TPV is a polymer based on EPDM rubber with added tear resistance properties. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and has good chemical resistance and anti-weathering characteristics. The guards attachment runners are all Aluminium. In black white or brown standard length guard colours.

There is also a longer version (2500mm) and a wider version (257mm) of the guard in black only. The wide version has proved popular for use with powered gates.

Fingerguard Retractor for Automatic Doors
Suitable for most single or double-action doors up to 180º opening and for automated or manual opening action.

This finger guard uses a retactable roller blind style mechanism: the tension of the blind material prevents fingers entering the hinge gap.

The action of the guard unfurling as the door is opened and rewinding when the door is closed makes this guard suitable for automated doors. The guard also acts as a light door closing mechanism.

A detailed installation sheet is provided with the product.

Concealed screw fixings and end caps make for a neat installation.

Fingerguard Retractable for Glass Doors

Purpose made for glass doors and constructed from high quality materials this finger guard is suitable for automatic or manually operated doors. Like the rest of our Premier range the guard is independently tested to over 1 million opening & closing cycles.

A silver finish anodised aluminium housing containing the retracted ‘blind’ attaches to the door frame. The moving part blind attaches to the face of the glass door via an aluminium strip using acrylate-foam high performance tape.

Suits most single & double action doors and suitable for 180° opening.

Two guards are used with centre-pivot (swing) doors.

Washable Finger Guard

Fingerguard Retractor Washable

Most finger guards can’t be cleaned for sterile environments or exposure to the elements – but this one can. This door guard is perfect for hospitals, kitchens and other clean areas. It is water resistant and easy to clean. The guard housing and mechanism is resistant to rain, snow, frost, UV light, foliage and dirt.

Fingerguard Premier

Should you need a finger guard for the automated entrance doors of your corporate headquarters or for a similar high-visibility and prestigous location this is one to consider. Or maybe you just want a very durable hinge guard.

Fingerguard Premier works with most single or double-action doors for either automated or manual operation.

It fits any door up to 180° opening and there are standard (260mm) and wide (320mm) opening versions.

The guards use a retractable, fabric shield housed in a slim, stylish and robust anodized housing.

The guard attaches to the door using (supplied) screws and, to maintain the clean lines, end caps are fitted.

Retractable finger guards have certain advantages over the more common concertina style anti finger trapping guards.

DigiSaver finger guards

DigiSaver finger guards consist of strong, lightweight aluminium profiles that are hinged together allowing the door to open up to 180° depending on model.

Please Note: The door must have sufficient depth of wood at the points where the guard’s slide tracks are to be screwed to the face of the door.

The system is easily installed in few minutes, the design is elegant and features a smooth surface.

This is a very resilient guard fabricated from 6060 T6 aluminium alloy with a sliding track in self-lubricating plastic.

Available in 2000 mm lengths in Anodised Silver finish.


A heavy duty finger guard for use on wooden doors in high traffic areas.
Where the guard is likely to be subjected to knocks, for example from trolleys, the all aluminium construction makes this guard more economical in the long run. Plastic guards may need replacing within 6 – 24 months of installation whereas this guard will perform as intended for years.

Rear Hinge Guards

As well as rear hinge guards matched to specific front guard models we also stock two ‘universal’ fit rear hinge guards based on a ‘long hinge’ design. This provides a compact, durable solution at mid to low cost, depending on whether manufactured from aluminium or plastic: we sell both types. Fingersaver Elite Rear and Slimguard Aluminium Rear Guard

To view the full finger guard and safety product range please click the following image below:

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