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Fingerguard Industrial - Heavy Duty Finger Guard

Fingerguard Industrial PVC finger guard.


Fingerguard Industrial

This finger guard is suitable for many door fitting styles, including centre pivot doors or where up to 180 degree door operation is required.

A single guard is used for doors with a 90 degree opening angle: two guards are required for centre pivot applications (see illustrations).

The black (EPDM) guard is available in a longer version and a wider version. There are also brown and white (PVC) colour versions.

EPDM fingerguard construction

This heavy duty finger guard uses two anodised satin aluminium aluminium carriers, which screw to the door/frame, into which the black EPDM / PVC seal slots.

Two black cover strips are provided to conceal the fitting screws. Fixing holes are slotted to assist alignment and adjustment.



As the door is closed the safety strip prevents fingers being jammed by pushing them outwards and away from the covered hinge gap.

EPDM is a tough but flexible material and this durable finger guard is suitable for use in demanding industrial or commercial working environments - including outdoor applications.

EPDM properties

Each finger guard comes with zinc plated, cross-recess-head S.T. fixing screws, two push-fit cover strips (black) and an installation sheet.

The guard can be cut to any required length using standard hand tools and units can be combined, by butt joining, to fit doorways taller than the 2100mm standard length supplied.

Industrial Fingerguard dimensions

Note: A guard of similar design and capabilities is Finger Guardian, which uses a PVC Nitrile material, and is available in a range of colours and wood grain finishes.



This guard is also available in brown or white versions using PVC instead of EPDM material for the hinge cover. Apart from the PVC material the key features, build quality and dimensions are the same as the standard EPDM version.


Fingerkeeper Industrial in Brown or White material

Dimensions of Fingerkeeper Industrial PVC finger guard


There are also two other versions of the standard Aluminium / EPDM Black Rubber finger guard

  • Longer version, 2500mm instead of standard 2100mm; all other dimensions and materials as Standard type.

  • Wider version, suited to automated gates, with 216mm guard material width instead of standard 157mm; all other dimensions as Standard type.


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Colour / Finish




Fingerguard Industrial

Fingerguard Industrial Standard


Aluminium / EPDM Black Rubber



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Fingerguard Industrial Wide type.

Fingerguard Industrial WIDE


Aluminium / EPDM Black Rubber



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Fingerguard Industrial Long type.

Fingerguard Industrial LONG


Aluminium / EPDM Black Rubber



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Fingerguard Industrial Reversible Colours type

Fingerguard Industrial White


Aluminium / White PVC Guard



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Fingerguard Industrial Brown


Aluminium / Brown PVC Guard



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Professor Finger-Guard

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